Show Your Gratitude This Christmas And Stay On Your Donors’ Nice List

Christmas is the season of giving and receiving; the time to show gratitude to those who have generously selected and given a gift. Acknowledging the gift is an important part of the process - imagine spending all that time and effort on choosing the perfect gift for someone, only to not be thanked or acknowledged. You’d no doubt be less inclined to give that person a gift again.

I'd Know That Cause Anywhere

Dr. Steve Francis, Managing Director of FrontStream Asia Pacific often gets asked the question; What makes a successful peer-to-peer campaign? In our latest Probono article, Steve discusses ways that you can instantly build visual elements into your peer-to-peer campaigns to stand out from the crowd and get your cause recognised - which will ultimately help you raise more.

What To Put In Your Peer-To-Peer Toolbox

One of the biggest changes to happen to the fundraising landscape in recent years has been the momentous rise of peer-to-peer fundraising. Spurred on by the inter-connectedness afforded by technology and social media, peer-to-peer is now one of the most popular – and lucrative – methods of raising money for a cause.

Do More With Less & Maximise Your Fundraising

There’s little in life that causes as much frustration as a squandered opportunity. From the smart child whose grades suffer as a result of playing the class clown, to the sports star who throws his career away living a rockstar lifestyle, we hate to see an opportunity wasted through avoidable mistakes. Unfortunately, there are a huge number of charities who have yet to realise their full fundraising potential, not due to mismanagement or laziness, but rather because of the harsh reality of their situation. 

Fundraising Websites: What You Need to Know Before Launch

One of the best things about digital is the fact that no matter what is created it can be edited, fixed or changed after publishing. This is fine for a few typos however when it comes to your fundraising page, hub or microsite, perfect is the aim so as to create the right impression and to make sure you are operating within the law.

So, here is a comprehensive list of things to know, check and set up before launching a new fundraising website. The list is broken down into legal elements, engagement and analytics as well as all the final and last minute checks and double checks to get everything off to a smooth start!

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