Governance & Fundraising Regulation In Australia

Laws, regulations and best practice have been a massive focus of the discussion around fundraising and charities in recent years - and for good reason. When a charity is discovered to have misused funds or partook in questionable practices - even if they’re technically legal - it casts a dark shadow over the entire sector, which can have long-lasting implications.

How Can Charities Benefit From Social Enterprise?

Social enterprise is an exciting sector, and it can only benefit from the hard work of charities and not for profits when the two work together, writes Sally Cunningham, communications manager at FrontStream. Read the article published in Pro Bono Australia here

5 Ways To Measure and Demonstrate Your Impact

What are the best ways to demonstrate the impact of your organisation’s work?  The expectation on the part of donors as well as charity Boards and CEO’s to validate all the donated dollars raised and spent is more important than ever. Charities are increasingly being put under the microscope of government as well as savvy donors researching deeper into the web before they reach into their pockets. I’ve come up with a list of 5 ways to measure and demonstrate impact for your donor and fundraiser audience.

Are You a Tax Time Donor?

Should you give at tax time? Are you thinking of when to make your next donation to charity? Tax time is an opportunity to consider what you have done for others in the last year, writes FrontStream's Communications Manager, Sally Cunningham. Read the article published in Pro Bono Australia

Best social media content delivery and how to use Facebook’s fundraising tools

When it comes to social media content for fundraisers there are so many questions and variables that come to mind. Such as what type of content is best to post, how often, what time to post and what other fundraising tools should you plug into pages. 

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