Do More With Less & Maximise Your Fundraising

There’s little in life that causes as much frustration as a squandered opportunity. From the smart child whose grades suffer as a result of playing the class clown, to the sports star who throws his career away living a rockstar lifestyle, we hate to see an opportunity wasted through avoidable mistakes. Unfortunately, there are a huge number of charities who have yet to realise their full fundraising potential, not due to mismanagement or laziness, but rather because of the harsh reality of their situation. 

Virtual Volunteering: A New Approach To An Old Role

What motivates someone to volunteer has evolved over the decades. Whether someone is seeking to enrich their social life, discover exciting activities, looking for love (you never know where you might find it!), trying to aid their career trajectory by diversifying their experience, or merely feeling philanthropic, there’s plenty of benefits to donating one’s time and energy to a cause. But while there’s no shortage of opportunities for both hands-on and virtual volunteering, it’s arguably more important than ever to match them to the right people.  

5 Ways To Measure and Demonstrate Your Impact

What are the best ways to demonstrate the impact of your organisation’s work?  The expectation on the part of donors as well as charity Boards and CEO’s to validate all the donated dollars raised and spent is more important than ever. Charities are increasingly being put under the microscope of government as well as savvy donors researching deeper into the web before they reach into their pockets. I’ve come up with a list of 5 ways to measure and demonstrate impact for your donor and fundraiser audience.

Are You a Tax Time Donor?

Should you give at tax time? Are you thinking of when to make your next donation to charity? Tax time is an opportunity to consider what you have done for others in the last year, writes FrontStream's Communications Manager, Sally Cunningham. Read the article published in Pro Bono Australia

A+ Fundraising! How schools can raise even more with an online fundraising auction

On a recent Sunday morning, I stopped by a local primary school’s fete, lured in by the smell of sizzling sausages and the promise of a petting zoo. Following the signs to the silent auction, I ran my eyes over the paper bidding sheet and was struck by two things: firstly, there were some great items on offer, with the majority of local businesses getting on board and donating, and secondly, there was a whole lot of pristine white paper on the bid sheet. While the lack of bids meant I was able to get a great deal on a voucher for a favourite café of mine, unfortunately, it wasn’t as fortuitous for the school!

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