School Fundraising Tips & Ideas to Raise More

There are many reasons for a school to establish a foundation. Some do it to raise funds for field trips, after-school activities, books, supplies, computers, sports gear, playground equipment etc. while others’ sole purpose might be to provide funds for bursaries and scholarships, for students who would normally not have the funds to attend their school yet have proven their potential to excel.

Best social media content delivery and how to use Facebook’s fundraising tools

When it comes to social media content for fundraisers there are so many questions and variables that come to mind. Such as what type of content is best to post, how often, what time to post and what other fundraising tools should you plug into pages. 

Environmental Sustainability: How charities are offering pathways to get involved

There are many environmental organisations that lead the way to a greener world by inspiring activism and calls for the community to get involved in making a difference.

Despite the deluge of donations, lobbying and activism, animals as well as the environment are still under threat. Science suggests that the human race is the major culprit for depleting natural resources and polluting the air and water, ultimately destabilizing the climate and driving many species to extinction.

How technology has changed fundraising

In March this year, the Fundraising Institute of Australia’s 2018 Conference brought together key stakeholders from the fundraising and charity sectors to explore the latest trends in the philanthropic space – as well as those on the horizon.   

Be prepared for your fitness charity event

I admit my first experience with a fitness fundraiser was in primary school when we participated in a ‘Jump Rope for Heart’ event. I can’t remember how well I faired on that day, but I do recall some kids were taking the fitness side of the event very seriously. Natural competitiveness in kids was unavoidable especially in the skipping part of the event. Money was raised along with heart rates but in hindsight, my 11- year-old self could have prepared better for the task.

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