Rethinking Corporate Social Responsibility

I believe CSR is corporate focused and defined by the needs and priorities of the company, rather than employees. This results in employees being given lists of beneficiaries and charities, selected by their employer, that often do not align with the options they would make if given the choice..... read more.

The Future of Fundraising, What’s Next?

The speed of technological change, the impact on individuals and the global community and what’s next in the world of fundraising is the focus of this article and the upcoming Pro Bono Australia webinar hosted by Dr Steve Francis from FrontStream AsiaPacific.... read more.

Top 10 Tips to Help Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Participants Raise More

Career fundraisers understand the importance of “The Ask” and Dr Steve Francis, managing director of FrontStream wants to make sure you support your supporters so they can too. Here are his top tips.

The DIY Fundraising Movement is Here

I've been looking at the enabling qualities of good tech and software and how digital audiences are now clued into campaigning. It's exciting to think that anyone with reasonable access can fundraise for something that's important to them, whether it's a piece of equipment for school or building a school in a distant country, either way DIY fundraising and campaigning is here. Check out Dr Steve Francis' article published on ProBono Australia about DIY fundraising.

The Future of Digital Fundraising

One of the advantages of working in the digital space is the license to think about the future, such as the future of technology, work and lifestyle. I have written an article for Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine discussing the future of technology and how it could weave into fundraising campaigns in the future.

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